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discipleup podcast

Jul 26, 2017

Part One of a mini-series called, Thinking Things Through. We look at why you can just make up or create your own purpose. Without God there is no purpose.

Jul 19, 2017

What is Love and why is it important to define love anyway? All that and the return of Dr. Love.

Jul 12, 2017

What is love and why all the confusion. Our popular, emotional, view of love is contrasted with what the Bible says is love. You're going to love loving confusion and loving God and others in this episode. Not to mention Dr. Love comes to visit as well.

Jul 5, 2017

Why do the cults always attack the same doctrines of the faith like the Trinity, Deity of Christ, bodily resurrection, salvation by Grace? Because they are the core truths of the Gospel. What should the disciple of Christ's relationship be to the truth? And what about the expression "My Truth?" All here in this episode.