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discipleup podcast

Oct 28, 2020

Disciple Up # 183

When God Speaks…Listen!

By Louie Marsh, 10-29-2020


Intro.  Thoughts on last week’s episode – No Place for Repentance? Sad that many leave their hidden sin as their legacy.


There are at least three times in the New Testament when God seems to have been rude to the Apostle Peter.  Three...

Oct 21, 2020

Disciple Up # 182

No Place for Repentance?

By Louie Marsh, 10-21-2020


Intro. Episode on change is going to be a ways off.


Today’s episode wasn’t planned or wanted actually, but here it is and I feel like we have to deal with it like it or not. We’ve talked about this in episodes 93, 96 and at least one before...

Oct 14, 2020

Disciple Up #181

Greater Than: Hebrews 2:1-4, Don’t Drift Away

By Louie Marsh, 10-12-2020




Simple Outline of Hebrews Chapter Two:


1) I must stay focused on Jesus & His Salvation (1-4)


2) Jesus was a servant, but will be exalted (5-9)


3) Jesus suffered & died to bring believers back to...

Oct 7, 2020

Disciple Up #180

Shepherding: Feeding & Defending the Flock

By Louie Marsh, 10-7-2020


Intro. An e-mail poured in! Disagreement on what I said about Witness Lee and the Local Church. Episode 73-74.


So what is the duty of teachers and shepherds when it comes to dealing with doctrinal error and, sometimes, out...