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discipleup podcast

Oct 27, 2021

Disciple Up # 234

Truth In Tension

By Louie Marsh, 10-27-2021


reThink #8 – Loving My Neighbor:


Quotes from The Weight of Glory, By C.S. Lewis:


Oct 20, 2021

Disciple Up #233

Should I Dump My Denomination?

By Louie Marsh, 10-20-2021



Websites Used In This Episode:


Oct 13, 2021

Disciple Up # 232

Should Worship Make Me Comfortable?

By Louie Marsh, 10-13-2021




Going to Church makes me uncomfortable, but I want a good relationship with God. Should I just...

Oct 6, 2021

Disciple Up # 231

Dead Works

By Louie Marsh, 10-6-2021


Good Works vs. Dead Works


The Bible has much to say about good works and also about dead works. Most people assume that dead works refers to overtly sinful stuff and “bad behavior” while good works talks about things like showing acts of kindness towards...